Neo Chorio Dog Beach Near Akamas, Polis  

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Follow the road from Latsi to Akamas (Aphrodite's baths) and after you pass all the hotels you will see a big sign on your right. Turn right and continue on the off-road as much your car allows. The beach is then reachable on foot.

This doggy beach gets a maximum rating for the scenic views, but not sure if your dog really cares for that.

On the other hand, it is Polis area, thus it would be too good to be true to get a sandy beach designated for dogs. So, as you guessed it (and can see from pictures) it is a pretty rocky beach. Nevertheless, if you follow the narrow path to the left, you will get to the beach with smaller rocks that may be more convenient. Still, doubtful if it could be also used by people.

Other than that, this rocky beach is beautiful and clean and very well secluded from the traffic, therefore you and your dog won’t have to worry about your pooch running away to the streets or bothering other holiday makers. There is plenty of space around if you want to go for a walk instead of the swim. But no trash bins of any kind, nor fresh water source or any other type of luxuries.

The biggest disadvantage is probably for those with mobility issues as the road is quite steep and difficult for the cars to go all the way through.