Avakas Gorge  

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Go straight on the road from Coral Bay to Akamas, pass the sign of Paphos Bird and Animal Park (on your right) and then turn right at the sign to Akamas. You should eventually get to almost an off-road by the beach and while heading towards Lara beach you should see a sign on the rock “Viklari The Last Castle”, turn to right there and go straight until you see big parking lot (or as far as your car allows you).

Avakas Gorge Tripadvisor

We hope that dogs are allowed in all nature spots, so this review is not as much about a dog-friendly place, but more about the place that your dog could really enjoy. This beautiful place is for some reason overlooked by most of tourists booklets and even Google Maps are way of (please don't trust their recommended route... which in turn means that the place is not overcrowded with tourists (still, expect to meet at least a dozen of people) and makes it a perfect place to bring your dog along. Your four-legged friend might be able to walk all the route off-leash, depending on how many people there will be.

The place is called a “masterpiece of nature” for a reason! But to enjoy it, you have to walk through a slippery (water everywhere) and full of obstacles (tree branches, rocks etc.) path. It means that gorge is not accessible for people with mobility issues and it may be quite challenging for those that are unfit. Make sure to wear good shoes and clothes, take a bottle of water with you (especially on a hot day) and maybe even arrange for the waterproof containers for your mobile phone or photo camera.

Since most of the above are not an issue for dogs, they will have a blast walking such a challenging path, that is if they are in love with water as much as Buddy is! The smaller dogs may need your assistance at some points, but it will definitely be worth it. Expect your dog to be extremely dirty at the end of the journey – the water at the entrance of the gorge is not fresh and clean, so you will not be able to use it to wash your pet.

There are wild (?) goats around the area, so be cautious if your dog tends to chase them.