Chandara Waterfalls  

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Near Phini village, 4814 Kato Platres - Pano Platres, Cyprus

Chantara (also called Xantara, Hantara, Handara and similar) waterfalls might be just a perfect place to let your dog to cool-off in summer. The weather in Troodos mountains is already few degrees lower, but the cool spring water will definitely do its job. Your dog might even find a place to swim in the “naturally formed” pools, which size depends on the season. Don't miss the “second tier” of the waterfall – look for the steps on the right of the waterfall and enjoy an even more beautiful scenery “upstairs”.

These waterfalls are not as famous as the other ones in Troodos and are mainly visited by locals. This means that you might be able to enjoy the place alone by yourself (and your dog, of course!) more often than ever. To find them though might be quite a challenge!