Eirinis Garden  

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Eirinis Garden (Kipos Eirinis) is located next to the Parliament and old Municipality Theatre. It borders with Kinyra, Nechrou and Museum streets (the entrances are on all these streets).

Eirinis Garden is an extremely beautiful park, with a lot of blossoming flowers and trees, ponds, small aviary and kids playground. It seems to be very well maintained and cared of, which does not seem to happen very often in Cyprus...

For some reason, the park is not very popular amongst local Cypriots and is mostly visited by immigrants, which results to the fact that it is fairly empty during the weekdays and revives only on Sundays. We went to Eirinis Garden on Saturday afternoon and only very few people were there. The “emptiness” of the park brings along the sense of tranquillity and relaxation, even busy streets that surround the park do not seem to interfere with its calmness. The very few people we met there on Saturday were just chatting quietly while sitting on the benches, reading books under the shade of trees, riding bikes etc. But remember, the park might have a completely different face on Sundays when it is full of people.

When it comes to dogs, it is a bit confusing. One of the entrances to the park has a “dogs not allowed” sign, which, we assumed, was forgotten to be removed as it did look old and washed out. All other entrances had no signs banning dogs, just the warnings to have your dog and leash and clean after your pooch. No one complained when we entered the park, but we sure did not meet any other furry friends.

The park is not big, but it could be enough for a walk with a dog. It actually has a potential to temporary replace Acropolis Park (until Strovolos Municipality “wakes up”) as it has a lot seats – either on the benches or on the grass and the same feel of greenery.