Famagusta Gate Moat  

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By Venetian walls, near Ammochostos (Famagusta) gates, on the crossroad of Leoforos Salaminos and Larnakos street. You can park your car either at the right hand side at the beginning of Larnakos street or by Venetian walls just few metres ahead from the crossroad with Larnakos street.

The place is more known for the concerts that take place there in the summer, but any other day – the area is overruled by the dogs and dog owners. You cannot really call it a park, but the field is more than enough for the dogs to get their fair share of exercise. This is a great place to get your dog to socialize or to practice training with distractions – the area is very small and full of dogs running freely. It is also a paradise for the lazy ones – you can just get comfortable on the grass and watch your dog getting tired from playing and chasing other dogs.

Being a very public area, it brings its own benefits – public WC, water supply (if not in WC, look for the water tap right in front of it), bins for dogs waste and a true rarity in Cyprus – green grass. On the negative side though – the area is not always open, especially in summer, when there are either concerts or preparation works for them, it is right next to a very busy street (however, dogs do not seem to care) and the cleaniness of the field depends solely on the discretion of owners – we managed to step into “smelly brownies” 5 minutes after entering the park (please make sure to set an example and clean after your dog). And especially in the rainy seasons the area can get really muddy and dirty. On top of that, there were poison alerts in the beginning of the summer 2013.

With all that said, we highly recommend to enjoy the area in the warmer seasons – just be sure to check where you step and sit and keep an eye on your beloved one.