Di Capilla Seaside Stories    

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Pernera - Protaras pedestrian pathway by the sea, Protaras, 5295 Paralimni, Cyprus


Mon-Sun, 09:00 - 01:00

Pasta, Pizzas, Burgers, Grill, Seafood, Crepes etc.

€10 - €15

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Di Capilla Seaside Stories is quite famous among the families with the kids mostly because of its big and entertaining playground and many items on the menu tailored to kids’ taste. While children are busy playing, parents can catch a break by enjoying the amazing sea view (the restaurant is located almost right on the sea) and wide variety of dishes prepared by the local Cypriot Chef Louis Papageorgiou. It’s an ideal spot for lazy mornings or afternoons, where you can spend hours and hours relaxing without being pressured to vacant the table.

It is clear that the place is family oriented, but they are not only friendly to the children, but to some other very special furry four legged family members too! We were not sure about this, so confirmed in advance over the phone and then were surprised that it was not only us bringing our dog to the restaurant that day (the other small dog was relaxing on the chair of the nearby table too). The staff didn’t mind Buddy at all, but he didn’t get any special treatment, like water or biscuit, either.

The place is really comfortable for the dog owners – there is plenty of shade and a lot of tables on the outside seating area with the artificial grass, which is Buddy’s favorite. There is also plenty of space in between the tables so that your dog can lounge comfortably without disturbing others or being in a way for the waiters.

To be completely honest, when we visited Di Capilla in early March, it has just opened after winter season and instead of the large menu advertised outside we were given a list of approximately ten meals to choose from, which were not the greatest. The service was quite slow too as they didn’t expect to be that busy on their first weekend. We have not visited the place afterwards, but we hope that these setbacks are not the issue during the full bloom summer season.