Isaac Tavern    

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Makarios Avenue 77-79, Limanaki, 5330 Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 10:00 - 23:00

Fish Tavern

€20 - €30

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This was probably intended to be the meanest review we have ever written. Dogs and everything else aside, we just really didn't feel the value for money. But, as usual, before writing a review we did our quick internet research on the restaurant and stumbled across hundreds of extremely positive reviews written by ecstatic tourists and locals, who seem to have spent all their days at this tavern while in Ayia Napa. Even more – the tavern is ranked No. 1 amongst all restaurants in Ayia Napa in TripAdvisor. So maybe it was just us being too demanding or the day (or season) was not right...

We happened to be in Ayia Napa just before the start of a summer season when most of the places are still closed. With not many options of where we can have a dinner while accompanied by two dogs (Buddy and Oliver), we remembered of the place where, from what we could recall, the food is OK, but a bit pricey. This time, the food was OK and the price was expensive as expected (fish soups for starter, fish meze for two, 2 large beers, all for €64). We would not be that strict if we did not know of any other places that would allow us to make the comparison between the quality, quantity and prices. We said that this website is not for giving reviews about the restaurants from the standard point of view of service, food quality etc., but we have to admit that our negative impression was mainly influenced by that. There wouldn't be any “stars” to add even if considered from the dog-owners perspective anyway.

They allowed us to come with dogs, but only if we sat outside, which of course didn't come as a surprise as this is a rule in almost all the places. The problem was that it was a chilly evening and they did not have heaters. The tables were too light and the chairs were plastic, so we couldn't tie our dogs to them. The waiter pointed to the street constructions in between the tables (similar to steel tubes you tie your bike to), which were just perfect to hold our dogs. The cats were wandering around the tables and begging for food which made Oliver really pissed (we think he has some unsettled issues when it comes to cats and sharing food as he spent some significant amount of time in streets). The staff was more “tolerant” to our dogs than friendly, but, we have to admit, the boys were not on their best behavior either.

The restaurant does have really nice sea view and plenty of places to sit outside. It is also open all year-round. We hope it was just us feeling too cold and expecting too much, so maybe you could give it a go.