KOI Lounge Bar & A la Carte Restaurant    Dog offered water

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Iasonos 2, Protaras, Paralimni 5296, Cyprus


Mon-Sun, 11:00 - 24:00

Cocktails, Sushi and Narghile

€25 - €30

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Honestly, this was the last place we expected to be accepted. We were just enjoying a stroll by the sea with Buddy in Protaras and then decided to find some place to sit down and Koi lounge bar just happened to be next to us…So, we decided to try our luck and what do you know!

Maybe it was because it was still early in the season and there were not too many people and it would be different story if the place was crowded like it gets during the season peak, especially when locals from Nicosia come for holidays in Protaras. Yet, still, it’s a positive sign as in some other places they don’t want you even if they have plenty of tables for you to sit down.

The staff was very friendly and welcoming, offered a bowl of water to Buddy and would play with him whenever they had a chance. The place is a lounge with comfortable and relaxing low chairs (actually, it’s sunbeds and bean bags) with plenty of place in between for the dog to lay down.

It’s not really a typical place to bring your dog (especially large size one) – it’s a part of luxury Capo Bay hotel, so the lounge bar is also a bit poshy with extremely tasty sushi and cocktails that of course cost accordingly (cocktails are around €8- €10). It’s right in front of the sea and next to Fig Tree Bay, so the views are breath taking during the day as well as at night when city lights are turned on

As mentioned before, we visited the place quite early in the season when the nights are still chilly so later into the night it started to feel quite cold and there was moisture collection on the leather bean bags, so we had to leave even though otherwise we would have stayed there until they close for the day. The sea, calmness, atmosphere, relaxation…and when your dog is there with you to enjoy… It was a great night indeed!