Loizos Koumbaris Fish Tavern    

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Gregori Afxentiou 34, Zygi, Larnaca, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 10:00 – 23:00


€20 - €25

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One Sunday we decided to put to test if dog owners can too enjoy lunch in one of Zygi's famous fish taverns. We have to admit, we didn't expect to achieve anything. The employee of the nearby restaurant, after seeing us with our dog, also tried to convince us not to even bother asking around if anyone is going to let us in. And what do you know – the waitress at Loizos Koumbaris Fish Tavern had no problems whatsoever – they even set-up a table a bit further from the sea upon our request.

Another challenge was the sea (the restaurant is right on it) – we were not sure how our Labrador will react to sitting calmly with all this water around. And again, surprise, he was concentrated on the dishes only and forgot about being at the seaside. We did ask for the table to be set a bit further from other people (and so, the sea), and it happened to be next to the playground and the green area, so Buddy did enjoy laying down on the grass until we finished our meals.