Moondog's    Dog offered waterDog offered bone/treat

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Mykinon 7, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus


Mon - Thu, 17:00 - 02:00, Fri - Sun, 11:00 - 02:00

Nachos, Wings, Hot Dog, Mussels, Platters, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pork Chops, Kebabs, Ribs, Salmon, Schnitzel, Steaks, Salads, Pastas, Desserts, Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages (menu available at their website and Facebook page)

€15 - €20

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This was actually a very pleasant surprise for us! We went to Moondog's several times mesmerized by their curly fries (twisters), but without Buddy as we assumed that he would definitely not be allowed anyway. One of the times we decided that we need to ask whether we would be welcome with our dog even if that was just for the extension of our “Don’t Bother” list. And what do you know! They assured us that we can come with our big size dog and informed in advance that we could only sit outside and that we might be asked to sit a bit further in the corner if the bar was crowded (during the match etc.). The joy we felt after discovering that we can enjoy their amazing food with our best friend was indescribable, so we decided to put it to the test and promised to take Buddy with us for our visit next time even if that meant a whole drive from Famagusta area just to have a dinner at Moondog's.

When that day came, we were approaching Moondog's still contemplating in the back of our heads of the alternatives we can choose if rejected. But, as promised, we were greeted by the dog-friendly staff and, since it wasn't a very busy afternoon, we could choose where we want to sit (there are plenty of seats outside and you can also choose from low or high tables). Buddy also got a DIY type of bowl of water and a dog loving waitress even asked us if she should be searching for some goodies for Buddy in a kitchen or if he is on a special diet (which he is...).

So, from the dog owner's point of view, what else could you possibly ask for? Plenty of seats and variety of different tables, the area is well covered from wind, rain, sunshine etc. and is also well separated from the pavement and street, super friendly staff and don't even get us started with the food and menu for beer and other alcoholic beverage! Did we also mention that it is a sports bar and they organize many special events (which you can update yourself with on their Facebook or Twitter page)? The only drawback might be if you are not into that kind of food (sort of American sports bar style) and if you find the prices a bit too high...But maybe you and your dog deserve a little treat like that from time to time.

Don't want to sound too positive, but we feel that Nicosia is becoming a very dog-friendly town (especially when comparing to others) – we are starting to feel welcome everywhere and even finding it hard to find a place to put in our “Black List”.