Ocean Basket    

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1st October 15, 5330 Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 12:00 - 22:00

Seafood, Greek Cuisine, Platters, Sushi, Desserts (menu is available on their Facebook page)

€13 - €20

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Since we were politely rejected from Larnaca’s Ocean Basket a year ago (even with plenty of empty tables outside), we assumed that this must have been their general policy and did not expect for Buddy to be ever allowed in this popular seafood chain restaurant.

But then, 3 months ago, when dining at Ayia Napa’s Ocean Basket just the two of us, we couldn’t help ourselves but to ask the waitress if it really was a problem if next time we came back with our dog. And, music to our ears, she replied that there shouldn’t be any, we just have to make sure that our dog is OK with cats since there are so many of them wandering around the tables and begging for food (and thanks to the army of the stray cats in our neighborhood Buddy got really used to his “enemies”).

So we came back, just this time in late afternoon on a chilly winter day and, unfortunately, manager said that we could only sit outside (expected), but it was really freezing and they had no heaters. So we just had to go and find another place.

Then, we tried our luck again, this time on lunch time and even making a call a day before to make sure that the outside tables will be set and we will be accepted. You could understand from the waitress confused reaction that dogs were not their usual customers, but the manager assured that everything will be OK as long as we sit outside.

So, the day has finally come and this time the staff was nothing but welcoming. Buddy got plenty of attention and even belly rubs from the waiters and customers at the restaurant. There was no bowl of water (even though the day was quite hot), but we were happy to be just accepted. The cats were there as predicted, but even they looked dog-friendly too.

We had no complaints about being allowed to sit only outside – the area is facing south and gets plenty of sunshine, which is just amazing on those colder yet sunny winter days. There is also an extractable roof just in case it gets a little bit too hot. The area is wide and spacious (the distances between the tables are enough for Buddy to lay down comfortably and to not disturb anyone) and there are at least 10 different size tables to choose from. And the amazing view to the harbor is just a cherry on the top. Basically it is a place to be if you want a little bit of summer in winter.

There is probably no need to talk about the food, because most of you are already familiar with their cuisine. It is a bit expensive, but you can also find cheaper options in case you are on the budget too (fish and chips for just EUR6 and occasional offers).

And, yep, it is open all year around.