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Ayiou Georgiou, Paralimni, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 09:30 - 00:00

English Breakfast, Salads, Jacked Potatoes, Omelettes, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza, Pasta, Cyprus Specialities, Grill, Fish, Childrens Menu, Desserts, Pancakes, Waffles

€7 - €12

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Just recently the previously dog-friendly Medialuz Cafe in the centre of Paralimni changed its owners and its name, so we, to be completely true and correct, had to visit the place again just to make sure that all of our previous comments are valid.

The things didn’t change much. The cafe is still located at the heart of the town with a beautiful view to the square and the church. The set-up has remained pretty much the same too – lots of tables outside, with some of the covered tables on the deck (where dogs are not allowed) and few (uncovered) on the pavement. The tables are well isolated from the street and foot traffic with glass separators, which is always a good thing when you come with a dog.

It is a pity though that dog owners have a choice of just few tables (three, to be exact) thus risking to find none of them free. The seats are not covered from sun or wind, which makes the experience even more unpleasant. The day we went for lunch with Buddy was quite warm and he was really struggling to find a shade. Luckily, the waitress/co-owner did bring water to him when asked.

What did change from last time was food. The menu still offers a great variety of meals but the quality of food has depreciated quite significantly. Last time we were at Medialuz Cafe we were thrilled with our Cesar salad and Lasagne, but just a few months after we were very disappointed with their club-sandwich (it was take-away, so we decided it doesn’t count). We assumed that since the cafe changed its owners and name, maybe more emphasis was put on bringing the good name to the place in terms of the food quality, but it seems that there were no plans for that. We did like our village salad, but more than half of our main meal was left untouched. Maybe we were just unlucky or just stupid for ordering fish platter in a simple cafe and expecting too much...Not sure. But we will leave it up to you to give them a second (third) chance.