The Brewery Bar and Restaurant    

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Athinon Avenue 66, Phinikoudes, 6027 Larnaca, Cyprus



Breakfast, Salads, Burgers, Grill, Mexican, Ribs, Pasta, Fusion Cuisine, Sushi, Waffles etc. (menu available at their website)

€20 - €25

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This is probably our most favourite place to go out with Buddy by far. This restaurant is also the reason why we finally decided to introduce our own ratings in addition to informational “stamps”. We didn't get a treat or a bowl of water for Buddy, but the treatment we received from the restaurant's staff and the other visitors paid everything off. And don’t even get us started on the food selection and the variety of beers (one of few places in Cyprus to have flavoured beers!). And if that is not enough – Narghile!

Having been rejected from few places at Phinikoudes, we were already heading to one of the self-service fast-food chains when we saw The Brewery and tried our luck for one last time. We noticed that apart from the seats outside that were covered for winter they had few uncovered places next to it with no people around, so we thought that maybe they will not have a problem for us sitting there with Buddy. We re-confirmed with the waiter and he gave us an OK.

We were happy to have finally found a place to sit, but our waiter seemed not so pleased. He came over proposing us better seats that had lower tables (which were not OK for us since we were planning to eat), so when that didn't work out, he went to speak with the manager if we could sit inside the covered area – even though we didn't even ask for “upgrade”. To our surprise, the manager agreed and that was the first time we felt as if us and Buddy were sitting truly inside with other visitors sitting nearby. Not only no one was bothered by us and Buddy, staff and visitors were all very friendly – looking and smiling from far, coming over to share the stories of their dogs and petting Buddy. The waiters also had to occasionnaly climb over Buddy when he was lieing on the floor blocking their way and still they would only repeat "It's fine". It was actually us who started feeling a bit uncomfortable for being so welcome (we were praying for Buddy not to do anything naughty and ruin the experience).