The Cove    Dog offered water

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On the street from Kapparis avenue (turn right when Faliros is on your left) towards M.A.A.D. (Firemens) Beach, Kapparis, 5290 Paralimni, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 11:00 - 00:00

English Breakfast, Omelettes, Sandwiches, Baguettes, Salads, Snacks, Burgers, Jacket Potatoes, Grilled Food, Homemade Pizzas, Classic Favourites from English and Greek cuisine, Beer, Cocktails and other Beverages

€5 - €7

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The Cove was one of those pubs which we knew we have to visit as almost every time we happened to pass by it we would see at least one dog lounging on their veranda outside. An indeed, we did not get any weird looks or comments for bringing our Buddy with us – on the contrary, the man who was waiting our table said that he also works as a volunteer in Paralimni dog pound and The Cove itself is very dog-friendly and often visited by other dog owners since they have plenty of seats outside (you could say that all their seats are outside).

So, it goes without saying that Buddy felt as welcome as we did and was offered a bowl of water immediately. Because of the way the pub is situated, it gets a lot of summer breeze, which is so important during the warmer months, and also all their seats are well covered from the sun and provide plenty of shade.

The Cove is a family owned pub, mainly visited by the local Britons. The pub offers a wide variety of food at very reasonable prices (we did miss out on desserts though). And as typical for the pubs at the seaside – there are plenty of various attractions offered for their visitors, starting from misery (happy) hours, quiz nights, bingo, game nights, live entertainment, karaoke, disco, theme nights etc. There is also a pool table, kids play corner as well as free Wi-Fi. So, a perfect place to spend your lazy summer days or nights with your dog while at the seaside.

The pub is also located very close to M.A.A.D. (Firemens) beach, next to which there is an extremely beautiful path (on the right from M.A.A.D. beach towards Malama beach), where you can walk your dog – just better keep him/her on the leash as there were cases of dogs being poisoned on this path from time to time (probably owners of nearby villas getting angry for dog owners not cleaning after their pets, so make sure you do that!).