Toufexi Park  

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Toufexi Park is situated by the Venetians walls in Nicosia, behind Orfeas Athletic Club and next to the Footbal Field - Concert Venue. The park can be entered from Athinas Avenue, Spyrou Christodoulou and Vasileos Georgiou streets.

It seems that Municipality of Nicosia is the only one actually making an effort to implement EU Law according to which dogs should be allowed in all public places. If just few months ago you could have been heavily fined if entering kids playground with your dog – now you will be only warned to have your dog on leash and clean after your pooch, but no signs banning dogs!

Toufexi Park is in a sense just a big kids playground. The area is so small that we would not even list it in our website as a park, but if Google does, then so should we Smiley .

It is a beautiful place with a large kids playground so no wonder that on any given weekend afternoon it is mainly filled with children and their parents. A bit further on the corners you will also see men playing chess or backgammon. There are plenty of seats and a lot of shade, so it is more suitable for a relaxing day with your kids.

The park is definitely not for us as Buddy is very clumsy when it comes to children – instead of living up to his gentle and kind Labrador name, he just tends to jump on them and steal any toys they have. Buddy is also keen of having long off-leash walks in bigger territories and with this park he would be “done” in just few minutes as the paths are really short. It is obvious that even though the dogs are allowed in this park, there is no further intention to make it more dog-friendly. There are no bins for dog waste either.

But it could be a great place for you if you are looking for the ways to combine a day out with both your toddlers and your dog – as long as they don’t need much walk and are good with kids.