Cafe Bar Svyturys    Dog offered water

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Tefkrou Anthia 30, Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 12:00 - 00:00

Russian, Lithuanian, Cypriot Cuisine

€10 - €15

Well, here is something you don‘t often find in Cyprus - a cafe that specializes in Russian and Lithuanian cuisine. What’s even better – they still kept on the menu some of the Cypriot specialties for those that would not dare trying out Eastern European dishes. And if you are not up for a proper meal, the menu includes various snacks (best with beer!) and desserts at very reasonable prices.

This cafe opened quite recently with the aim to serve the ever growing Russian and Lithuanian diasporas on the island. Knowing that many of them created families and relationships with the locals, the owner smartly included local Cypriot dishes and popular meals in the menu, so that the dining could be enjoyed by the whole family. Lithuanian, Russian and Cypriot songs are played at the background and staff is extremely multilingual as well.

We knew that cafe has opened quite recently and that it was off-season, so we messaged them through Facebook (search for Kavine-Baras Svyturys) to ask if they are open and when and whether it would be OK for us to come with the dogs. They had no problem. When we actually went there, we were greeted and served by the owner herself. Buddy and Oliver came with us to sit in the covered patio-veranda, which was much more pleasant than them sitting on the concrete ground or pavement, which is what happens in most of other cases. The owner also quickly brought a bowl of water for our dogs without us even asking.

We really enjoyed this outing – not only because our dogs felt welcome, but also because of the unique experience and nice food. We can only imagine how popular this place can become after it is discovered by the local Lithuanians and Russians craving for their traditional food and Cypriots as well as tourists willing to try out some new and unknown world cuisines.