Cerutti il Caffe    

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At the corner of Faneromenis street and Nicocleous square, 1011 Nicosia, Cyprus


Mon - Sun, 10:00 - 02:00

Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Bear, Wine, Desserts (menu available at their Facebook page)

€2 - €6

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We are already having difficulties in tracking the number of dog-friendly coffee shops that we have visited so far and that we still have to visit in the future...It would be weird if any of the cafes or restaurants at Ledras would not accept dogs when all of the neighbouring places do. So it is basically safe to assume that if you do go out to the Old Town of Nicosia with your dog – you will be guaranteed to find a place to sit down and enjoy a coffee and a dessert (as a minimum).

Cerutti il Caffe is one of the many coffee shops in the popular Faneromenis square in the old town of Nicosia. As sort of a standard in the area, the prices offered by this cafe are very low – you can check out their menu at their Facebook page. The coffee prices start from €1 - €2 and the piece of a cake will cost you only €3. The cafe does differentiate itself from other places nearby by bringing the feeling of “little Italy”.

The cafe has plenty of seats outside (and even more so inside), but the tables are quite close to each other and also close to the street. Remember as well that Faneromenis square is quite busy and full of people, so if your dog tends to have difficulties when there is too much action, this place might not be right for you and your pooch.

Our dogs did not get any special treatment from the staff – no water or anything. Actually, even we were rather neglected – the waiters did not come to the table and we had to place the order inside (they did assure us that it is not a self-service cafe). But we will blame this on a busy Sunday afternoon, when it looked like all Nicosia moved to Ledras for a while.