Adonis Baths/Waterfalls  

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Two kilometers from Kili village and twelve kilometres from Paphos. Baths are about seven kilometres from Mavrokolymbos Dam and can be reached via Tala or the Akoursos road.

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Visiting Adonis Baths/Waterfalls could be a great break from the ordinary day at the beach or crowded pool at the hotel. It is a picturesque place with a big and deep naturally formed pool, where you can cool down (the water must be much less degrees than the sea or pool water) and even enjoy jumping from the rocks or swing on the rope on the tree like a Tarzan.

When we went there with Buddy, people at the cashier didn't seem to be bothered at all – not only they let us in, but also gave a generous discount on the entrance fee. We were sure that such a nice treatment was only because we came there on the Friday evening on November when there were no visitors and the restaurant was not working. The things could be much different on a busy summer day, but we didn't ask...we also assumed that dogs are not allowed in the water even though they did not give us any warning about that.

Now, after checking their website and seeing a dog paw next to their name, we are rather confused. For us it looked as if it was too good to be true for a dog to be let in such a nice pool and inside the house and restaurant. The place works all year round, so we will have to confirm whenever we are around Paphos.

The place is extremely difficult to reach. The road is bumpy, rocky and, honestly, there were probably 5 times that we almost turned around and headed back thinking that we must be going the wrong way. We actually chose a more difficult and longer Akoursos route, so to save you some time we marked in the map below our recommended Tala route (still, expect the journey to be quite challenging, especially for your vehicle).

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